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Its a fact. Internet Marketers use dirty tricks. Although many of them wont admit to the fact. Still, its the TRUTH! Some of them may not even realize theyre using them. And some of them DO know. The latter half are the folks that are raking in the cash daily.
What IS a dirty trick? Well, thats easy. It is a sly method used by people everyday to get a desired reaction out of another person. Or at least thats my take on them. When you think of these words, you may think rip- off, unethical, or illegal.
Lets get one thing straight right off the bat. The tactics discussed in this report are NOT illegal. They are NOT unethical. They are NOT a rip-off.
But they ARE a bit on the crafty side. Crafty or not, the point is THEY WORK. And if youre NOT USING THEM, then youre LOSING MONEY.
So, why did I call this collection of tactics Dirty Marketing Playbook then? Because they are psychologically sneaky. They scream out. . .
And boy do they ever get that type of reaction. You bought this report, right? It caught YOUR attention, didnt it? Whether you consider yourself the most honest person in the world, you still wanted to know what these so called dirty tricks were, didnt you?
Maybe to arm yourself against them. Or maybe to even use them yourself. The fact of the matter is, you are here, reading these words right now regardless of the reason. So the title I used WORKED TO GET YOUR ATTENTION AND MAKE YOU TAKE THE ACTION I DESIRED. You bought a copy.
And really, its simply a matter of human nature. People always want to know the dirty secrets that others seem to be hiding. Why do you think all those rag mags sell so well? Sure, you probably know that most, if not all of the stories published are a load of tripe.
But you still want to read it. Even if its just to prove to yourself you were RIGHT and its nothing but a pack of filthy LIES. Dirty trick I know. Thats the point! And thats just what youre going to learn inside this report. How to do the exact same thing to bring you in more money.
Diving right in, were going to discuss my #1 favorite dirty trick. . .

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